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Caroline Chisholm Catholic College


Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, established in 1997, has its origins in three colleges: - Christ the King College, St. John’s College and Chisholm College – each established to bring a Catholic education to the girls and/or boys of the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Each College exemplified the deep commitment of parents and parishes in their foundation and work for the past forty-five years. In 1954, Fr. Thomas Murray of Braybrook established a parish school which grew to become Christ the King College for the secondary education of girls in the region. It was first registered in 1963. This work began with the assistance of the Sisters of St. Joseph and, from 1956, was led by the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Heart. In 1965 the parishes of the region commenced St. John’s College for the education of boys under the direction of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Throughout the years, the schools worked cooperatively and in 1979, this resulted in the formation of Chisholm College as a senior coeducational college for students entering Years 11 and 12. Based on the philosophies of their founders, all the Colleges provided a broad education for the boys and girls of the Western region.

Religious Association

Since 1963 and based on the foundation work of the Religious (Sisters) Society of the Sacred Heart and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, the College has reflected the active commitment of the religious orders, the parishes and parents of the area.


Caroline Chisholm Catholic College strives to live Gospel truths and values. We seek to provide a holistic education. We endeavour to inspire and empower all members of the college community to reach their full potential.


Called to live out our mission in the Catholic Church through education, we proclaim our vision for the community of Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

  • We seek to form a community of students, parents and staff focused on the values of the Gospel where, following the example of Jesus, we nurture a concern for all people, a sense of social justice and an active faith life.
  • We seek to develop a positive, just and caring environment where all individuals can grow to their full potential.
  • We celebrate the diversity of our community where all are welcomed, supported and challenged.
  • We have a deep concern for the pastoral wellbeing of our students, their families and our staff.
  • We seek to form a social conscience in our community so that we might all be active, critical members of our parish and the society in which we live.
  • We are called to strive for excellence in all we do.
  • We seek to provide a learning environment that is comprehensive, inclusive and responsive to the individual needs of the students in our care.
  • We foster the development of the whole person, respecting the dignity and worth of each individual by providing a challenging curriculum with attainable goals.
  • We strive to nurture the talents and abilities of our students through a concept of life-long learning for all.
  • We nurture an attitude of hope through this vision; we seek to make the Kingdom a reality today and into the future.


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