St Bernadette's Parish - Sunshine North

Marriage Policy


Appointments must be made six months prior to your Wedding, and all the relevant documentation must be received before your appointment.  
Documentation required includes -

  • Completed Bridegroom/Bride Pre-Nuptial Inquiry form
  • Birth Certificates (not an extract)
  • Baptism Certificates
  • Freedom to Marry (Non-Parishioners must contact their local Priest for written permission)
  • Evidence of dissolution/nullity (if applicable)

Preparation for Marriage

A Marriage Preparation program is an integral part of preparing for your Wedding.  This preparation is usually given by the Priest celebrating your Wedding and includes two sessions which cover interpersonal relationships, communication, finances and raising children.


Use of the Church - $250 (payment at time of booking)
Celebrant’s fee (including Marriage Preparation) - $250
Confetti Bond - $50  

Confetti/Rice/Rose Petals

Like most churches, we do not permit confetti, rice or rose petals in either the church or the church grounds.   
Please contact the Parish Office by phone or email to make an enquiry.

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