St Bernadette's Parish - Sunshine North

Our Church is now open

St John's Church - Farsley | St John's open for private prayer


Our Church has is open for Weekend Masses and

Weekday Masses (Tuesday to Friday)

See below for Mass times

There are some changes to the COVID restrictions that are in place.

It is important that we abide by these restrictions so that everyone is kept safe.

  You will now only have to check in using the QR Code and show this to the Welcomers.

Anyone over the age of 12 months needs to be checked in using the QR Code

Our Welcomers are always there to help.

Masks are highly recommended.

What is a QR code and are they safe? | KasperskyParish QR Code 

Anyone attending Church services at St Bernadette’s Parish will be required to register their attendance using the Victorian Government QR Code.   You will need to download the Service Victoria App provided by the Victoria State Government.



This is the process required:

1. Open the Service Victoria App,

2. Click on 'Contact tracing check-in'

3. Scan the QR code

4. Enter your details

5. Submit

This process needs to be completed for each person over the age of one that is attending the Church service.

There will be Welcomers in the foyer of the Church before each Mass to help anyone who is unable to or has difficulty with this process.  

Please remember that these processes are put in place by the Government so that everyone is kept safe. Contact tracing is so important if any cases of COVID are detected within our community. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Scripture Reflection

Our Scripture reflection sessions continue every Thurday at 7pm and it is a great way to connect with Parishioners during our lockdowns.  It has been great to see some new faces over the past few weeks.   These sessions are held using the ZOOM video platform so you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home to attend.

If you would like to attend these sessions, send Amanda an email to  and she will send you the ZOOM link weekly.

We would love to see many more faces at our meetings!!



Normal Mass times:

Saturday 6.30pm

Sunday 8.30am; 9.45am (Polish); 11am; 7pm


Vietnamese Mass: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 12.30pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.15am


Giờ Thánh Lễ bình thường:

Thứ Bảy 6:30pm

Chủ nhật 8:30am; 9:45am (tiếng Ba Lan); 11:00am; 7:00pm


Thánh lễ tiếng Việt: Mỗi Chúa Nhật thứ nhất và thứ ba hàng tháng lúc 12:30pm

Thứ Ba và Thứ Năm 9:15am



COVID 19 - Safety Procedures

  • Social distancing outside the Church needs to be maintained whilst waiting for entry
  • All persons entering the Church needs to sanitise their hands using the Automatic dispensers provided.
  • A\It is recommended that all worshippers are to wear face masks throughout the celebration 
  • Inside the Church, there will be designated areas which are allocated for seating
  • Persons who are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19 should not attend any Mass and will not be allowed to enter the Church building

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