Scrutinies for RCIA

Over the past 3 Sundays at the 7pm Mass, our RCIA elect have been taking part in the Scrutinies.

For those who are making their final preparation for baptism, Lent is a time of purification and enlightenment. In the light of God's word, the scrutinies examine the lives of the elect and ask the entire Christian community to pray that whatever is weak and sinful within them may be eliminated and that whatever is good and holy may be affirmed.
During the scrutinies, a prayer is said over the elect asking to give them strength and empowerment on their journey towards Initiation into the Catholic Church. 

We continue to pray for and support our elect as we welcome them into our Catholic community at the Easter Vigil Mass.




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Project Compassion

Project Compassion

Please give generously to Project Compassion during this Lenten Season

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Scripture Reflection

Our Scripture reflection sessions continue every Thurday at 7pm and it is a great way to connect with Parishioners during our lockdowns.  It has been great to see some new faces over the past few weeks.   These sessions are held using the ZOOM video platform so you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home to attend.

If you would like to attend these sessions, send Amanda an email to  and she will send you the ZOOM link weekly.

We would love to see many more faces at our meetings!!